I consider Bing a virus since it installs itself even when you say no

By cableman
Dec 1, 2014
  1. Well, you guessed it. Bing has found a way on my newly refreshed computer and I couldn't be madder. I am pretty sure it happened when I updated my media player because it asked if I wanted Bing as my search provider and I said no of course and made sure no bing boxes were checked. Well, it installed on my computer anyway and I thing that should be against the law when you say no and they install it anyway. I have looked in my computer for program removal and of course it is not in the bing nams and there is nothing suspicious about any other programs. Like I said, I just set this computer up. I did a search for bing and nothing. Can anyone help me get rid of this unwanted search engine? Thanks.
  2. Broni

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    Normally in any browser you can change default search provider fairly easy.
    Which browser are we talking about here?
  3. cableman

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    Yes, I am aware of how to change search engines in my browser but this Bing has become more aggressive in it's installation. It has been riding along other software installs as if they endorse it and I always make sure to uncheck the box asking to install it. (This is an old trick but can still catch you if you are in a hurry and miss it. I am sure that I unchecked the install bow for Bing but it installed anyway and is under another name. I managed to get my browser (Mozilla Firefox) back to Google which is what I leave it on but now I am getting more and more glitches with my browser and even checked Explorer and it is affected also. For now, all my toolbars have disappeared and when I can finally get one to pull up it is not of much use. (The functions don't work properly and it takes me to absurd websites. I don't know how Bing is getting away with what ever it is they are doing but any time I have had Bing accidentally installed on my computer it has carried virus' with it and it has taken hours to repair.
  4. Broni

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    I wish I could do something about it....

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