I got BSOD and now when I boot up my pc nothing but the PC itself turns on!


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This happened when I was playing fortnite on Windows 10. I had just got a new gaming pc and after I had booted up fortnite and played for an hour I had gotten bsod and my mouse, keyboard and monitor won't respond when I turn on the pc. I only installed steam fortnite and discord along with Sony Vegas Pro 13. So I don't have a virus. Any replies would be helpful!

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"new gaming pc" - RMA

The Return Merchandise Authorization is given after several tests which may resolve the problem. No one knows your rig better than the folks who made it. Sadly, it sounds to me like an 'infantile failure' - previously untested component has bitten the dust. It happens - a tiny piece of silicone has an impurity, etc.


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Are your keyboard, mouse and monitor wired or wireless or a combination of both? Also you say it is new, so the warranty should cover any repairs if they came from the factory.