Overclocking I got my new heatsinks

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I bought this for my cpu


And this for my video card


All from Newegg

So here is the stock heatsinks replaced with the new coolers


Here is new new cpu cooler, the thermaltake I installed


Here is my new Zalman on my video card ( 6600 256MB AGP)


And my sexy system with the finished results



-After power up, I noticed that my sytem is much, much, much more quiet now! The intel stock cooler is much nosier than the new cpu.

-The Thermaltake cpu does an impressive job cooling. This full, all copper beast is HEAVY. It goes 36 degrees celcius on idle on my P4 630 3.0Ghtz. The stock fans spins at around 1250 on my motherboard. Installation of the Thermaltake was difficult however, the instllation pins require <font color=orange>a lot</font> of pressure and force to secure itself to the motherboard. I also noticed some rust/corrision on the lower part of the heat pipes.

-The Zalman cooler is also very quiet. The full heatsink itself is quite heavy, so when you install it on your card and plug it in the motherboard, the card noticably sags down in because of the extra weight. The fins are flimsy, and can bent easily, use caution. Installation was also tricky because of the small screws. The Zalman does a good job cooling, much better than the stock heatink on my video card. The inclided blue alumminum heatsinks are good. You get 8 total. DDR memory chips require 2 of these, and GDDR2 and GDDR3 only requires one each.

So, overall all it's great. I havent overclocked yet, I will soon and I will post results.

What do you guys think? :D


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very, very nice!
i also have the Vf700Al-Cu, it will serve you good! :cool:
Happy OC-ing!
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