I need a new monitor. Which one?

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May 9, 2010
  1. Hi,

    My sister wants to get rid of her old and ugly 17" monitor and I she wants something that looks good and pretty and not too expensive. I have taken a look at the ASUS 19" VW-192D. It looks quite decent and it's not too expensive either. Will a 19" display look go or should I consider something bigger? Well, all your suggestions are welcome.

  2. slh28

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    Depends what she uses it for, but 22-24 in monitors are the norm nowadays and they're not much more expensive. BenQ have some nice looking monitors at decent prices.
  3. Jawshh

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    She does some school stuff, play some girly games like sims...etc and the usual stuff like browsing...etc. Yea I saw some 22" monitors and they look pretty cool. Thanks for your reply :)
  4. raybay

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    Carefully read the warranty on the monitors you are considering. That seems to be the dividing line. Some even require you ship the monitor across the country if you have a problem, and you have to pay the shipping both ways.
    I would look at maximum resolutions available, and length of warranty possible. A good monitor will have a three year warranty or longer... but cheap ones only have a one year warranty.
    Avoid a low cost monitor with a maximum of a one year warranty... and get a name brand that is 22 inches or greater...
    Resolution is critical... do not choose one that has a lower resolution than 1600 X 900 2ms... You will benefit form 1920 X 1080 5 ms or greater in most cases.
    But it is critical to get one that offers a variety of adjustments. Ones with limited selectable resolutions are a risk.
    Good contrast is critical, and the abilty to view it easily from side to side and above are usually important.
    The best ones we see are Sony, HP, Samsung, higher cost Dell's, Sharp, Panasonic, Phillips.
    The ones that disappoint us due to resolution or early failure are a variety of monitors made be Envision under a number of different names including AOC or AOV, lower cost Acers, ViewSonic, Hannspree, Hanns-G... and so many others. If they are cheap in cost, wonder why?

    Of course the long term reliability has become greater over the past 18 months, and we only see the ones that are failures arriving in our shops... not the good ones people are happy to own.
    Still, if you get a 22-inch or larger 1920 X 1080 or greater, with a warranty longer than a year, you are going to have a sister who is a happy camper.
  5. Jawshh

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    wow thanks for the detailed explanation. I will look for the resolution and price when I purchase. Thanks :)
  6. kokoko

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    Personally I go with 22-24 inch.
    19inch is too small now.
    You can have a look at the ViewSonic VX2233wm 22-Inch.
    It is not expensive and It has great image quality,
  7. Jawshh

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    yea I thought so.
  8. captaincranky

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    I have had 2 19" monitors, I sold one and returned the other...! It's a lousy size due to very limited vertical dimension. A 19" monitor won't display even an 8 X 10" portrait orientation photograph at full size.

    When you're shopping for a monitor nowadays, remember that there are two prevalent >> "aspect ratios" available. >> 16:10 which is the long time computer standard, and 16:9 which is the current >> television standard.

    If a monitor's resolution is "full 1080P" or "1920 X 1080" it is the 16:9 aspect ratio. Remember that these monitors are not as tall as the computer standard 16:10 panels.

    Hence, to get a panel that is as high vertically as a 22" 1680 X 1050 (16:10), in the 16:9 format, you must purchase a 23" or 24" panel.

    This makes sense easily if you envision a screen with a horizontal dimension of 16 inches. @ 16:10, it's 10 inches high, @ 16:9 just 9 inches, with the screen area being a fair amount smaller.

    If the primary use of the panel is TV or movie viewing this doesn't matter, since the TV format fills the entire screen. But, if you want to do photo editing, than I suggest a 16:10 monitor, so your portrait oriented photos will be displayed as high as possible.

    As to the issue of warranty, I have a Westinghouse 22" monitor with a 1 year warranty that is now 5 years old. By curtailing warranty duration, manufacturers are able to lower sale prices dramatically. I think that Samsung gives longer warranties than most, but their prices are somewhat higher. So, I suppose the most adventurous gambler gets the best bargain. There are but a few manufacturers that build the actual screens, so in many cases you're getting the same s*** in a different box anyway.

    Sign up for Newegg's Email promotions and read their customer reviews, With that said, there are a lot of imbeciles that write reviews, so you have to qualify the writer as well as what's written.
  9. ultragrey

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    I will prefer The HB-191DPB 19-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor.
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