I need advice on upgrading the CPU's on my Dell Precision T5400


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As stated above I have a Dell PrecisionT5400 with (2) Intel Xeon quad core processors E5420@2.5GHz
I am running a 64 bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate and have 16GB of ram memory installed. I recently had a hard drive failure so I replaced my boot up drive with a solid state of 65GB for a quick start-up and I plan to add another 250 solid state drive for my frequently used software.Then I will add a Western Digital 1.0TB drive for data and what not that I don't access very often (maybe some movies and records, etc; the computer is set up for 5 or 6 hard drives and I already have the terabyte drive so why not use it. I am pretty sure my power supply is about 850 watt so I have all the power I should think I will ever need.
My main question is that I want to upgrade my CPU's and I don't know how high I can safely upgrade them. I also want to upgrade my video card as this unit is dependent upon a plug in card; it has no integrated video but I know that is a different section on the forum. If I could get some advice on upgrading my CPU's I would greatly appreciate it.
I am afraid that I may not be able to get much more performance out of this model but my desires are meager. I have found that I enjoy creating websites and blogs so I want to teach myself with the materials I can find online. It is surprising at the free information you can get to teach yourself if you are only willing. Please forgive me for going on; I desperately need some advice on this upgrade if anyone could spare me a few moments to point me in the right direction. Basically I need to know where to find the information on how far I can upgrade the CPU's and I believe the RAM can be upgraded to 32MB but I may not need quite that much. I also need to find a good deal on a video card. I know that is for another forum but I seem to get the worst luck when it comes to obtaining a good video card

Please feel free to offer any advice. I am sincerely grateful for any help. Eric
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I have a few computers and none of them come anywhere near yours so I'm puzzled that you feel any pressure to upgrade. There may be some interesting developments next year with Windows 10 and new hardware worth splashing out on.