I need %^&*@ permission??

By BlackScarlet
Nov 29, 2012
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  1. I just got windows 7, and on a great many files and folders I try to access, move, or delete, it tells me that I don't have permission. Sometimes it tells me that I need to access the security tab for the particular file. Sometimes I have to try and change the permissions for the parent folder. Pretty much everything involves going into properties then two or 3 sub menus for each thing I want to access and delete. What total garbage! XP actually let me do what I want with my files. I am the owner and administrator, how do I get global 'permission' from whatever dictatorial entity is denying me access to my own computer? It's not practical to jump though tons of hoops for each file or folder I want to be allowed to modify. is there a way to turn off permission restrictions completely and finally for everything all at once? I have disabled UAC in control panel, that does not help.
  2. jobeard

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    Was this an Update install of Win/7 over a prior {XP,Vista}? Then we need to fix the ownership.

    Before we jump into fixing, you should reserve day-to-day activities to a LIMITED account and reserve the ADMIN
    account for performing maint/updates. With the Security setting enabled for UAC, attempts to install, modify or apply
    updates will prompt you for permission - - I love it as I get to see who is changing what.

    SO, using an ADMIN login, go to Control -> User Accounts and create a new login, set it as an ADMIN and give it the password you would like. Go to Services and set secondary logon as autostart.

    You can now use Start -> Switch User and login to the new Admin and that will complete the creation of the profile of this ID.

    Get to this point and I'll resume - -

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