I think I may have ruined my computer

By CC94
Aug 2, 2007
  1. Alright, I'm new here and I didn't exactly know where to put this so if this is in the wrong spot, please someone move it if you can. Anyway, let me get straight to the point...

    I have a Dell Inspiron 2200, I got this a year ago for Christmas so everything, the wireless internet, hardware, programs, etc. they were all installed on there for me and I didn't have to do anything. So we fast forward to just a few days ago, there were some things wrong with my computer that I couldn't seem to fix so I decided I just needed to get it over with and clear it. I took a Windows XP: Home Edition disk and I restored everything. I knew it would clear everything and I was ready to just install my programs and go back to normal but it turns out everything is gone. I mean it doesn't have ANYTHING.

    I mean, I don't have a wireless internet connection, the modem and everything was set up when I first got it so I figured "oh all I have to do is install the software again and were fine" apparently theres a lot more to it than that and I can't figure it out...

    Also, when I go to Volume Control it doesn't even open because it says the Hardware is there. When I go to Add/Remove Programs, NOTHING shows up. I'm really confused and worried about this because I think I may have deleted everything to the point where nothing is able to be re-installed or fixed. I'm not trying to come across as an ***** here but really I don't know what to do so anyone who has an idea and is willing to work with me step by step, please help me.

    I have one question though, does Dell have a CD with the XP Software on it that has everything on it to restart? What I mean is when you buy a Dell computer it has all their products on it and everything, well this XP CD I had it doesn't have all those products on it, it doesn't really have anything besides "My Computer. My Documents," and the usual stuff. So is there any way that I can get a CD from them with to use on here to make it look like I had just bought the computer from them? I hope i'm not being too confusing here or anything, like I said though if anyone has an idea of what is going on and is willing to help me then please do. Thanks a lot in advance
  2. Stick'o ram

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    Thats called the better world of OEM software, its awsome because it dosen't start out with all kinds of worthless bloat software. However it also has all the drivers installed. Just go to the dell website and look up your model and download all the drivers listed underneath your model #, hope this helps
  3. raybay

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    Dell does have the CD, and will often sell ONE set to the registered owner for $15 to $27. But lately, they have been telling you to just download the drivers from the Dell Site.
    This is not easy, as there are several drivers listed. So you first have to use Belarc Advisor and Everest, two free downloads, then run them to get a list of what hardware it finds in the computer.
    Then download and install what you need from the Dell site for the Service Tag on your computer.
    If you are not the registered owner, and you want to buy the disc, to to the Dell Tech support site for that Service Tag and change the registered owner so you are the listed owner. It takes five business days for you to show up as owner on their server... so don't get into a rush.
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