I try and launch the game, but the computer crashes. Goes to the Blue dump screen

By AussiSoccerStar
Sep 25, 2009
  1. Alright.
    This just started happening recently, and i know its not any of my specs or anything cause it was all fine and dandy a few days ago.

    The Problem:
    When i click to start any of my computer games, my computer crashes a few seconds later.
    I know the game is running because i can see its process in the task manager. But it does not actually come up on the screen. The games process builds and builds, gets higher and higher, and when it gets to about 100K, my computer crashes and it goes to the blue "Dump Memory" Screen. This happens with all the games i've tried it with so far.

    If you need more specific information, ask and i'll try and get it for you.
    (If this is a really simple fix, i will kick myself!)

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