I wanna toss my cookies but they're EVERYWHERE!

By hkeycurrentuser
Jul 18, 2005
  1. I thought cookies lived in one folder on a system (XP) but I've got them in three different folders...

    1. [root]\Windows\Cookies (syntax "steve@URL")
    2. [root]\Temporary Internet Files (syntax "Cookie:steve@URL")
    3. [root]\Documents and Settings\Steve\Cookies (in a zipfile)

    For example, there are cookies for TechSpot in both locations 1 and 2--and TechSpot won't automatically recognize me if I temporarily hide ANY of them from the OS when contacting the site. Folder 3 had a single file named "steve@www.autodesk[1].zip" containing a bunch of cookies similar to the ones in the first folders. While I was able to hide this zipfile from the system without suffering any consequences the only reference to "autodesk" I can find on the Internet is for an autoCAD program, which I have nothing even remotely like on my system.

    I'd like to be able to prune some of these cookies out of my system but just as importantly I'd like to understand why someone's baked so many of them.

    steve@toomanycookies.argh (JK)
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