Windows 10 Locked My Personal Files


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I gave me aging laptop a Windows 10 Home refresh.

When all said and done, it took a bit to figure out, but one of my folders on one of my externals will not let me edit/etc my files. It is a folder of personal stuff. Spreadsheets, images, videos.

I have images showing permissions of the folder:

I can not seem to remove the permissions to edit my own files again. I had no problems two days ago before doing the refresh.

I can copy files (only tested a few spreadsheets) to another external, even the main drive, and I can edit/delete/etc. However, I can not copy hundreds of gigabytes worth of files to test.

Found another folder under the same external drive that is having the same issues.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.

EDITED - I actually uploaded new images from today in that link. I think the issue is permissions from the root drive, D:, but Windows will not let me modify them to make changes push down to all content on drive to match.

EDIT 2 - I did Method 1 of this page, and I think it has worked. I did it on the root folder of D and testing it out.
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