I was looking for some help with XP problems

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May 26, 2008
  1. 1st off I would like to thank anyone who answers this for me.As I have tried comp stores/repairs.They are all simply retarded.Anyway..Well heres the problem.

    I had bought a PC from a friend awile back.It was working fine up until recently.I would turn it on and get (what I guess is called the BSoD?).It would never go away.Everytime i'd turn it on.So I went and tried to reformat it.I't would freeze everytime at 90%.Now when I turn it on it says Insert OS.It also appears to be a DOS looking floppy drive image.

    So can any of you guys help me? thanks guys,
  2. gbhall

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    Start by telling us more - what is the operating system, PC details, age of the PC

    Have you got a floppy disc? You can down load and prepare bootable floppy discs to check your hard drive (manufacturers website) and memory (memtest86). It can still be done if you can burn a bootable CD or USB drive, but is more complicated.
    Run these tests for several hours.

    If the hardware checks out then you may have a corrupt operating system (virus etc likely), and will need to follow the instructions in this site https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic51365.html
  3. Tryin...

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    Well,thanks for reply.However I dont rem. too much so bare with me.

    I think its a IBM.96 maybe 97 Geforce graph card.The pc itself I've had for a few years.Dunno how long friend has had it before tho.Also no I believe the floppy is broke.That is just what I get when I turn it on.What is this about burning a disc image to USB drive? Would this fix my problem?Can you possibly point me to a tut for this.

    PS: Also I dont think that link will help me.I cant get on PC.It turns on and says insert OS.Heres what I think happened,I think its so badly afficted with this virus or w/e,that it cant even reformat anymore.So because it got 90% done.It never finished and now believes there isnt 1.Is this right?
  4. kwspony

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    if you tried to format the disc then all the info on it is gone. If the format does not complete then maybe the hard drive itself is bad. They are cheap these days so I would buy a new one and reload a new OS. Does the bios for your motherboard have a hard drive test utility? Some have a RAM test too. If so run those and see what happens.
  5. Tryin...

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    Well,I dont know too much about pc's,therefore I wouldn't know how to check Ram tests etc.However I think i'm just buy a new HD.Thanks for help guys.
  6. gtppopzz

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    When you say your going to buy a new HD does that mean your going to buy a whole new computer? Just curious what your intentions where there because if your only buying a new hard drive and your issue is related to some other hardware it wont help much.
  7. Tryin...

    Tryin... TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 27

    Well,I mean harddrive.Are you saying it could be something else?Its too late anyway,now that I have tried reformatting and failed correct?I can't fix this HD right?So then I will just buy a fresh 1=D.Hopefully solving my problems...
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