i5 2500k overclock, quiet cooler and case?

By matchu
Mar 28, 2011
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  1. hello, all

    I'm looking at a build based around the core i5 2500k. Usage is for general computing with light gaming (Starcraft 2). the the i5 2500k is probably overkill for that, but i also enjoy having a really good computer for no real reason! (this build is for personal fun as well)

    overclocked 2500k
    quiet pc, stylish look that won't scare off my gf

    what is a good cooler that will sustain the 2500k @ around 4.4GHz? I've looked at the H70, but will something like the H50 (with one less fan) suffice? Or what if I change the fans on either of these coolers?

    Im looking at the antec p183. does anyone have experience with how quiet this case is?

    I appreciate your help. The overall budget is $1000 CAD before tax (which is 13%)
  2. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

    I'm running an i7 2600K at 4.6GHz with the H50 cooler. Have two Akasa viper fans on the radiator, but to be honest the default single fan that comes with it isn't too poor. Given that stress testing on the i7 version has to deal with 8 threads the i5 with only 4 should probably be fine with the H50 and default fan for running at 4.4GHz. Only thing is that I got mines with the hope of pushing the overclock a bit higher but find I'm up at 70C with extreme stress testing at 4.6 so mostly it's just a quieter solution to most air only coolers, if you want more headroom in the future I'd probably spend the little extra and grab the H70, or a proper non sealed loop water cooling setup.
  3. klepto12

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    i have my 2500k at 4.6 GHz with the H50 cooler with a push pull config and it never breaks 63C at load in prime 95 so in a word yes its a good cooler and i also have the antec 900 case which kinda helps with airflow but isnt quiet.

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