I5 overclocking BSOD

By Richardw9
Oct 5, 2010
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  1. I'm expecting the answer to this to be something like "your chip is rubbish", however I still think I should get some advice off more experienced overclockers before I make any assumptions. I've overclocked my CPU from 2.8ghz to 3.3ghz by changing these settings:

    Speedstep: Disabled
    Turboboost: Disabled
    Load line calibration: Disabled
    Spread spectrum: Off
    CPU Voltage: 1.25
    DRAM Voltage: 1.5
    I don't even know what half of these things do, I was just following this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6zANFlYEDM

    Base clock 165mhz
    Multiplier: 20

    When I try an put the core clock above 1.3 ghz, then I will either get an error on start-up telling me that the clock couldn't be applied, or when I do start up windows I will get a BSOD or a round-up error on core 3 when running prime 95.

    Is this because I need more core voltage?
    I couldn't find one of the things he mentioned on the video "CPU VTT" could this be the problem? Also I couldn't find QPI ratio or Memory ratio.
    I tried putting the core voltage to 1.4 and the Base clock to 170 and it wouldn't shut down after applying setting, and then wouldn't boot, saying the clock could not be applied.

    P.S I'm using a P7P55D LE Motherboard, and heat isn't a problem as even under 100% load @3.3ghz it never goes more than a couple of degrees over 50C
  2. Richardw9

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    Update: I've managed to up the clock speed to 3.5ghz by increasing the multiplier to 22 and the core volt to 1.3v. However, I still can't increase the base clock to above 165, as it fails to apply the overclock.

    Could this be something to do with the RAM?

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