I7 920 CPU 100% utilization 100% of the time

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Aug 4, 2009
  1. I Have a New system i just put together and its a highly custom computer so i cant go into all the details but to be blunt, im running vista 64 on a i7 920 cpu, and im idleing at desktop but it shows the cpu at 100% utilization all the time and even after reboot. The CPU is running 134 F and its got 1 hell of a water cooling system on it. Theres no bubbles in the block and the 120v pump is definitly pushing water. It has a 1000 watt radiator hooked up and its like a 130w chip. Im currently waiting for my 275 gtx waterblock to arrive to finish hooking up the water cooling system and at that time i have an aquarium chiller to hook up to this thing as well which should take out another 10 degrees under load. But the thing is, it should be running around 100 to 110 underload.

    But the Question is why is this thing idling at 100% utilization and i cant get the cpu to drop its load.
  2. fimbles

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    Check whats running using task manager. As a side note what softare are you using to check your cpu load? task manager?
  3. Aptec368

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    yes ive been using task manager to check my load and the motherboards utilities to check the temp, ive also downloaded a Computer temperature monitoring program that seems to be legit, theres no tasks that i can see that would be running the cpu up to 100% full time, and theres nothing in processes that shows any cpu usage, it sits at 100% on desktop with no evidence as to why.
  4. Aptec368

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    problem solved, i had some kinda software installed that was running process for all 8 cores on my cpu (4 cores turn into 8 when hyper threaded) and the processes werent showing up in task manager but i found em and disabled them, now im all good.
  5. Punkid

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    noob with an i7 lol kidding, im glad u fixed your problem :p
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