IBM T30 2366 81U with Phillips PH11107 - E Atheros 5212) Mini PCI Card

By wjrubin45 · 4 replies
Jun 25, 2006
  1. I've installed this mini pci card in my IBM t30 model 2366-81U and managed to defeat the O1C9 Warning as well as the 1802 Error. The problem is I can't find a driver that will allow the card to function in my machine. I have tried the
    AWLC4030 Driver v4.0.0.1733 - (
    which was reported to work but no luck

    Any ideas out there

    Thanks - Bill
  2. xstrym

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    I think I can direct you to a driver, if you can help me with these infernal 1802 errors... Thanks!
  3. wjrubin45

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    1802 error

    I found the best help at

    Check solutions about midway down the page
    Basically had to create a no-1802 and no-01C9 Linux Live CD and do the operations separately (1st the no O1C9 then the no 1802 error procedure)

    This allowed my t30 to bypass both the O1C9 warning & the 1802 Error & boot normally. Next it calls for the new hardware/network controller installation and this is where I’ve been stuck trying to find a driver that works.

    I thought I had a solution for that from another TechSpot forum post but the

    "AWLC4030 Driver v4.0.0.1733" referenced there is not working for me

    Good luck to you. I know the above procedures worked on my T30 (2366 81U).
    Now if I can just get a driver that works I’ll be happy

  4. xstrym

    xstrym TS Rookie

    Yeah, I found all of that searching google. Thanks! :)

    That driver above is an Atheros chipset, but too new for these cards (also that particular driver is for the 108g cards).

    You need to use the driver that is on lenovo/ibm website...

    This is the proper Atheros driver for this card... I managed to get it working, but I don't like 11b so I went back to using my trusty Airlink 108+...
  5. korrupt

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    You tried

    Good luck,


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