IDE to SATA converter caused my computer not to boot

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Hello people!

I bought two IDE to SATA converters from Ebay and both had the same problem where my computer will not boot or able to get to the Win XP page. I really had no idea if the device is faulty but when I contacted the seller, seller did not give any recommendation.

Wondering if there is any configuration I should do in the BIOS. By the way, I am connecting it to an IDE 80gb hard drive and all my system is using SATA drives.

Please help!! I tried searching in the forums but could not find anything that will help me resolve this issue.

No driver came with the device......I am so frustrated now!!


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Is it possible that this converter only works for optical drives? Your description describes a direct conversion from IDE to SATA.

I can only relate to this restriction for an different (and older) hardware configuration - IDE expansion for a mobo with sata connector. The expansion card was PCI. The drivers altered the boot sequence such that its loading was observable via screen messages before the normal messages associated with XP. This accomodated the usage of the IDE optical drives as boot devices (the only way to load XP on that mobo without the extra expense for SATA dvdrom).

Here is the bump for your problem.
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