Identifying Your laptop's video card

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Jan 23, 2006
  1. I need to identify my laptop's video card in order to see if its compatible with the SIMS2 game. When I get to that info it says a generic video driver is installed and suggests I download the manufacturer's driver, but there is no manufacturer listed. I recently reinstalled the system win XP using recovery disks and maybe this caused the generic driver to be installed.

    compaq presario 2209cl laptop with celeronM Processor 330 1.4Ghz.
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    Sounds like you are looking in Device Manager
    Look in system INFO

    Click Start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools> System Information> Expand Components and Click Display.
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    If that is no help then Download SiSoft Sandra or another system info tool from and that will give you your Laptops Mainboard and Graphics Chipset details. Failing that Go to your Laptop's Manufacturers website, find Driver Downloads for your model.
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    Push the Windows button then R, and type in dxdiag. Or simply go to Run, and type in dxdiag, and you can view everything about your system.
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    Dxdiag or sysinfo won't work coz no drivers are installed. SIW will tell u what u need to know. Even Everest Home Edition from Lavalys is pretty good. I've heard it's not available now so I guess u better stick with SIW. Check it out though, u never know maybe u might still be able to get it.
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