Ikea Vappeby is the first Bluetooth speaker with Spotify Tap to hit the market


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Forward-looking: One of Ikea's newest furnishings is an outdoor lamp featuring a Bluetooth speaker. It will be the first speaker with built-in Spotify Tap functionality. Just hit the tap button and immediately start listening to your favorite tunes.

Ikea's Vappeby works simultaneously as a portable Bluetooth speaker and LED lamp. With 360-degree sound and a built-in rechargeable (via USB-C) battery that lasts up to 12 hours, it would make a good companion for overnight camping trips.

Available in matte gray or blue with a mushroom-like shape, the Vappeby comes with a handle on the top for use as a lantern. Designed for outdoor use, the Vappeby is IP65-rated, meaning it's fully resistant to dust while also being able to handle low-power water jets from any direction.

It will be the first Bluetooth speaker to feature Spotify Tap, designed to generate new music based on your listening history with a tap of a button. This feature doesn't limit Vappeby to working with other streaming services or music stored locally on your devices.

To activate Spotify Tap, users must download the companion app, configure the soft button, and set Spotify as the service. After that, tap the button on the speaker, and you'll be all set.

"This is an essential add-on to our Bluetooth speaker range and an important step on IKEA's journey to democratize music for the many people. Our primary focus is to increase user experience, lower the thresholds, and make music and light easily accessible," says Stjepan Begic, product owner at Ikea of Sweden.

Ikea is no stranger in the Bluetooth speaker market. The Swedish-founded company has already launched the Eneby series speaker and partnered with Sonos to launch the Symfonisk series, including a speaker lamp, a bookshelf speaker, and Picture Frame.

The Vappeby speaker lamp is coming out to the US in April 2022, priced at $64.99. The USB power adapter is sold separately. Ikea is accepting pre-orders, but the blue version is currently sold out.

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