I'm based outside of the US and cant access certain services

By tigresc
Oct 13, 2008
  1. Ok i'm currently based in el salvador and cant access a lot of websites i used to in the states due to that they say when i try to access, that their service is only available inside the us which I find kind of annoying and senseless. Ofcourse i want to access these pages on my leisure time etc. Specifically what I want to know is what can i do to go around this can hide my IP location from the website tracking my ip or what can i do??? FYI I'm tryng to access Veoh, and some radio stations for online listening.
  2. rf6647

    rf6647 TS Maniac Posts: 829

    "Based" outside of U.S. - I suggest you pursue this through your employer.

    I suspect that portals or access points are available for a price ($).

    This is a result of a google-search: http://www.iberpass.com/us/access-points.html

    cmd > tracert techspot.com ---->> server1.techspot.com []

    Whois (reverse IP) ---->> ThePlanet Internet Services.com, Houston TX USA

    I really expected the route to TechSpot would have terminated in UK.

    Blocking your IP will not solve this for you.
  3. tigresc

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    Thanks but I think I didn't make my self clear... I have internet access and reside here in El Salvador but since my ISP is local when I try to access websites such as cwtv to watch tv series that I used to it tells me that I cant because that service is exclusive for the united states. What I want to know is there any type of hack or way to make the server think I am located in the US.
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