Im building a new PC, Help me pick parts.PLZ

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May 13, 2005
  1. Im making a new PC but im on a buget. Im like one of those people who want's everything for nothing. I have 700$ to spend Canadian and I want an athlon 64 with a PCI-X motherboard. I want a somewhat of a gaming computer. A semi decent vidio card around $80-$120 would be nice but I don't know one from the other. I am willing to buy a motherboad manufactured by Asus,MSI or Abit. s939

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    What website are you buying from. Availablity will affect what you get, so we should know what options you have at your preferred site.

    I've heard of, and they're rated well., would probably be my second choice.

    Also, what does $700 include. Is that for just a mobo, cpu, ram, and video card, and case/psu or do you need a monitor speakers, xp, mouse, keyboard, hd, dvd drive, etc too? Some people only include the hardware in the case(cpu, mobo, ram, video, hd, dvd drive, psu, case, fans/heatsink, cables, not including xp) when they say $700, and other people say $700 and they mean that for the case and everything in it +xp, +lcd/crt monitor, +mouse/key, +speakers, etc. Oh, yeah, does the price include shipping/tax or not?

    Also, how good of performance do you want as far as graphics are concerned? Do you want to play the newest games(or think you ever may want to)?

    Here's a rough sketch for you from ncix. It'll probably need changed to fit your needs, but it's a start.

    So far a asus a8n-e sounds good to me.$168

    And a 3000+ 939 cpu$215

    And a gig of pc3200 ram(corsair, ocz, crucial, kingston, etc are all good).$138

    A antec 1650b case(it's cheap and seems ok).$80

    x600pro(mid range card)$126

    dvd $30 Electronics

    80gb hd$82

    Total = ~$840, so it's overbudget, and that doesn't include tax, shipping, or xp, monitor, mouse/key, etc.

    xp $118

    If you'd use a mobo that's cheaper, like this. ULTRA&manufacture=CHAINTECH COMPUTER
    512mb of ram, and a case that costs about half as much, it'd bring the total to about $729.

    It's hard to build a decent computer for $700 us, but canadian is even harder.
  3. Wotrop

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    The 700 includes the motherboard/sound card/CPU/video card/RAM/HDD
    and I will brobably buy from infonec. I already have the case and he optical drives.
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    I can't give you a link because there site is still under construction however you can still type it into google or yahoo and it will be the first on der.
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    Ok, here's a possibiblity.
    Cpu amd 3000+ 939 $200

    Motherboard asus a8n-e $155

    Ram ocz value 1gb $141

    Video 6200 $130

    Hard drive Seagate 80gb sata $82

    Total: $708

    I think for the price it's a really good system.
    Oh, you said sound card, the motherboard has built in sound, so I didn't include a sound card, if you do want one consider these.

    I listed a 6200 for your video now, it's better than a x600pro, but the same price.
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    If you have enough money left after the build I'd reccomend trying to get hold of a RAID drive to back up your files, as there is nothing worse than nearly completing a game, getting a virus and having to wipe your hdd and having to start the entire game again.
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    A raid drive? If you have a data mirroring raid, raid 1, then if one drive gets a virus, then the second one will mirror the virus too. Raid wouldn't help that. I think you mean maybe an external usb/firewire backup drive that you periodically backup to.
    Like that^
  8. coastymad

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    My mistake.
  9. Samstoned

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  10. Wotrop

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    sam that rig suks :dead:

    anyway I decided to go for the 3200+ s939 with the asus a8v-e deluxe. 512 mb of kingston ram (not value) but discounted from infonec because I am a regular and they like me. asus 6200tc 256mb. SB aud 2 value. 160gig s-ata HDD discounted again because of my striking good looks :chef: . I never use raid and I don't think I need 1 gig of RAM right away. Anyway my total was at 794.67 with tax. Thanx to all of you people who had helped me make this desision.


    in that order.
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    You're welcome wotrop, if I was any help, lol, I don't feel like I was a help. Anyway, that's a good setup. Did you buy in store? I'm assuming since you say of your "good looks". If you have any questions while building, post back. Let us know how the rig works out.
  12. Wotrop

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    my computer should be done by friday.
    ya 5 days to do it was part of the discount.
    After the charm, charisma and strikin good looks
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