I'm so close to fix the delay in FIFA pro clubs but I need help

By ImAlwaysWrong
Nov 29, 2014
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  1. Im from Toronto and I play FIFA with keyboard (I know, its a game that should be played with controller, but what can I do, im really used to keyboard and also game has the same issue with controller) My problem is with FIFA pro clubs mode. Other modes are pretty stable for me unless I play with somebody from asia or south south america I have a good latency. I play clubs with players from west Europe. its not a simple connection quality and distance issue and I believe its something much more complicated. The problem is that I have noticed really weird things affecting the delay. For example if I'm playing a match and I alt tab and make the window to smallest possible size and go back to full screen, resolution is lower and there is an obvious difference in the way my player responses. now if I do the same thing again and make the window bigger and smaller again the response time changes , sometimes my player just ignores some certain directions or buttons and sometimes I see other players jumping around and lagging while they were not before... After this happens my game just feels right. What can be the cause?

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