In Minecraft Legends you can team up with creepers and zombies, lands in 2023


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Why it matters: Mojang has been the primary developer of Minecraft, and Minecraft-adjacent projects, for years -- and it isn't breaking that trend anytime soon. At this year's now-annual Summer Games Fest, Microsoft and Mojang revealed a new project: Minecraft Legends, a new "action strategy game" set in the Minecraft universe.

The core premise seems simple enough: you play as a human adventurer from a top-down, Minecraft Dungeons-like camera angle. Piglins (a hostile 'mob' in Minecraft) are invading the overworld from the Nether, and it's up to you to stop them -- along with some unlikely allies, including Zombies, Creepers, and other ordinarily-evil monsters.

Though we've only seen a short gameplay trailer so far, it looks like players will be controlling hordes of units, gathering resources, and building up base defenses to survive Piglin onslaughts. You can play the game in coop, join a PvP server, or fly solo if you so wish.

Minecraft Legends looks surprisingly fun so far, but we still know very little about its core gameplay systems, aside from what we've described above. It's set to arrive sometime in 2023, so hopefully we'll learn more about it toward the end of the year.

When we have a specific release date or pricing information to share, we'll be sure to let you know. Until then, check out some of our other not-quite-E3 coverage, such as our breakdown of Starfield's epic new gameplay demo.

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