In my computer run,cmd and task manager are disabled

By rumchandra
Mar 6, 2011
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    Welcome to TechSpot! Sorry for the extra trouble, but we require the logs to be pasted into the reply. It is too time consuming for us to have to do the copy and paste to ID an entry.

    I will review the logs when they have been pasted in. I do not see logs for Malwarebytes or GMER. Please follow all of the steps in the thread.
  3. rumchandra

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    unable to open the task manager

    i used the tool taskmanager enable, when i cliked on that an entry is added to my registery but still i am not able to get my taskmanager. when i right click on my task bar and select the task manager nothing is poping out. i have attached the fresh and old logs for your reference.

    please advice what to do

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    It is important to read all directions carefully:

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