Insane network problem, need help please!

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Jun 14, 2010
  1. i have the followinf set up on a network , cable modem hooked up to a Linksys BEFSR81 then to a Linksys 8 Port Switch EZXS88W , from there switch i have another wire running to a BEFSR41 , the computrers hooked up to a BEFSR81 use to be able to communicate with the computers on the BEFSR41 and vice versa , now only the BEFSR41 can communicate with the computers on BEFSR81. i can ping all machines on the network from all of the computers on BEFSR41 but i cannot ping anything thats connecteg to BEFSR41 from the computers that are hooked up to BEFSR81. i have access to BEFSR41 and BEFSR81 setup modes from the computer thats running on the BEFSR41 network but the computers that are running on the BEFSR81 only allow me access to the BEFSR81 router and not the BEFSR41 router , my ultimate goal would be to get the connection between all computers back where i can ping all machines from BEFSR41 as well as BEFSR81 , any info to help me fix up this problem would be greatly appriciated thanks :)

  2. raybay

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    Why do you need this problematic setup?
  3. DeSEBticoN

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    i work for a printing company where i am what you may call an IT support , while i would say i have the most knowledge on computer and network related topics here i am not certified IT , i also know enough to tell me that this set up is bad , i told my boss he should get a 24 port switch and run all the machines of off that but i do not have much influence on the spending budget in this place. whoever set this up had it set up so all the PC and Printers on the network talked to eachother somehow , when one of the tech support guys came to work on one of our digital presses he reset one of the routers back to its original set up and now the whole network $hit the bed. but i think i have found a solution that would scrap all the routers. we have a COMCAST IP GATEWAY modem with 4 ports on the back , the gateway also works as a router , my temporary solution would consist of hooking up one 8 port linksys switch per port in the gatway giving me 32 ports all together , and this way all the machines would be on the same subnet , correct ? meaning i can get all of them to talk to eachother and see eachother on the network ? i know its still "jimmy rigged" and unprofessional but like i said i dont have much influence on the politics in this place ...
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    In theory it should work
  5. raybay

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    In our experience, it isn't wise to follow on-line suggestions on a setup such as your describe.
    Got to your library and do a lot of reading that is relevant, then find a tech who will take a quick look, after which you do the actual work.
    You don't want to get in deeper with your bosses... and in many parts of the country, techs that do that sort of work may $85 to $135 an hour.
    You do make it sound like a simple solution, but I we would not go for the one you propose.
    However, it should work, however cumbersome it sounds.
    Remember, simplest is always best... and I would go back to what worked originally... It isn't rocket science but it can be tricky when you have a boss who also doesn't know what the heck he is talking about.
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