Install of tb hdd's gives problems with drive recognition

By marvinw3
Mar 19, 2009
  1. my first question since joining forum..i may be too cautious. appreciate any advice, guidance with this. have a new 1tb hitachi hdd i plan to install as a 2nd drive for storage, no os. problems i have read about concerning tb drives include drive not being recognized, only part of the drives capacity being shown and accessable, no letter on the drive, will not format, trouble partitioning and some others i cannot recall. some of these caution that some versions of bios will not handle the tb sized drives. my machine currently has a 250gb sata hdd, windows xp sp2 media center, intel south lake mob lga775 socket, supports 4 sata drives, pentium4 3.40ghz hyperthreading, what should i take a look at before trying to install this hdd that will help insure a smooth installation? thanks, marvinw3
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    Plug it In, Plug it In....Is THis a "Glade" Commercial....

    The two issues you seem to be concerned stack up like this

    1. Seagate corp. has had a run of their very large HDDs "brick" recently. They have released a firmware fix for this and it obviously shouldn't concern you.

    2. the issue of very large drive capacity not being recognized relates to whether the motherboard has "48 Bit Logical Block Addressing", (LBA), implemented. With 4 onboard SATA ports, it's a good guess that it does, although I don't recognize the code name, probably the number would be better to state. Yeah well, I probably should recognize the name, my bad.

    3. If you're already running 1 SATA HDD, your board is probably set to run these drives as IDE. That's exactly what you want for the purpose you have in mind.

    First, make sure you understand and use, anti-static precautions!

    Then, just plug it in, and see what happens.
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