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Feb 5, 2005
  1. Any advice for a DVD burner install appreciated (LG SuperMulti). I opened up the computer and looks like I'll have to take out the CD burner currently installed, as no room in bays for another drive. Not a problem, I was only planning to leave the CD burner in for simplicities sake. So, if I am taking out this drive, should I uninstall any drivers beforehand, or can I just pop it out and put the new one in? Running XP home. Thanks,
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    You do not need any drivers for CD or DVD drives.
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    Well make sure the DVD burner is set to master. Then you have to have this connected to IDE 2 on a 80 lead ide connector, not 40. Win XP will detect it. Also when booting up, enter BIOS and do a quick detection of the dvd burner. This way the change will occur in computer. Something happened to my BIOS and burner was changed back to cd, not dvd rw.
    This should over come any problems you have, have fun with your dvd.

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    Thanks all. Did a straight swap, made sure the DVD was master and CD rom slave on IDE 2 (IDE 1 has the hard drive), and it worked a charm. Not sure about the BIOS detect you suggested, but will give it a go.
    Again, many thnks
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    IDE cable

    You don't need an 80 pin cable. I used a forty as my 80 had a break in it. Still works fine.
    80 pin are mainly for hard disks.
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