Installing ATI Drivers for 4000 Series Under Windows 7 64-bit

By EXCellR8
Jan 22, 2009
  1. Just wanted to share a solution to a problem I was facing while trying to install the beta drivers for my Radeon HD4800 series video cards, under the 64-bit Windows 7 public beta. The Install Manager kept hanging at a certain point and not finishing the install. I also tried the Vista x64 drivers which did the same exact thing. Here is what I did to fix the problem (tip originally found on TechPowerUp!):

    ONLY perform these steps if you are experiencing problems (hangs, crashes etc...) installing CCC and display drivers on Windows 7 64-bit beta!

    1) If Catalyst Install Manager fails to install drivers, download the Catalyst Uninstaller utility from AMD/ATI:

    2) Run the program and it will wipe out everything that is related to ATI drivers on the system. Can't remember if it requires a restart afterward...

    3) Run the Catalyst Install Manager again (I used the Windows 7 ATI beta package) and it should install the drivers without hanging or becoming unresponsive.

    4) Restart the computer and run CCC to adjust video settings and unlock overclocking capabilities and fan controls. The program should set the fan at the desired manual setting on each boot. That's it, done!

    I did experience a single error during installation w/ the driver INF file, but everything worked perfectly regardless. I was able to configure the cards, run the fans up and even overclock w/o any difficulties.
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