Installing Windows XP SP2 on My dell inspiron 1525 notebook with SATA Drive :(

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Mar 10, 2008
  1. Hi everyone

    recently bought myself a new laptop.

    A dell inspiron 1525 with 120GB SATA hard drive of course with windows vista pre installed.

    I then bought Windows XP service pack 2 to install because im really not up for using vista.

    anyways as i have now read the SATA drives dont come with the drivers to run Xp or something like that.

    does anybody know where i can get thise drivers from. if someone could provide me with a link that would be great?

    thanks a lot for any help :)

  2. Route44

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    If Windows XP has service pack 2 all you need to do is to go into the BIOS and place your CD or DVD drive as first bootable. Windows XP with SP2 will not install otherwise. I learned this from own personal experience. :rolleyes:
  3. Matthew

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    It looks as if none of your devices have drivers for Windows XP (at least not hosted on Dell). You might experience some difficulties with XP unless there are drivers elsewhere for your devices.

    That said, are you talking about loading the SATA drivers prior to installing XP (via F6 during setup)?
  4. aktivo

    aktivo TS Rookie

    SATA Drivers

    I downloaded SATA drivers from DELL site. I press F6 during install and Windows XP said: "Insert diskete into A:" :))))))) I have notebook - no any A: drive. :))))

    How can i install drivers withou diskete ????? :)))))))))
  5. mailpup

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    You can make a slipstream CD by combining the Windows CD with the appropriate SATA drivers. Google for the procedure to make a slipstream CD. There are several on the web.
  6. mohanraju

    mohanraju TS Rookie

    How to install xp service pack2 in my dell inspiron 1525?

  7. mohanraju

    mohanraju TS Rookie

    how to install xp sp2 in dell inspiron 1525

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