Installing XP Pro on USB which SDK tool and ISO to use

  1. I’m going to install xp on a usb it would come in handy for me i think I can follow the steps but I don’t think i have any sdk tools i dont know what they are at all I have window 7 64 or vista 32 does any one know where I can get at them I attached more of the the steps some one else gave on here ones for if you don’t know what im doing exactly

    Step 12:navigate in the cmd window to the folder where you have the SDK tools installed and to the bin folder..mine is installed in D:\ on the cmd window I type D: press enter. Then I type cd SDK\BIN This makes the command prompt say D:\SDK\BIN>

    Step 13:Let's say you saved the files on your c drive in a folder named would need to type this.. cabarc x C:\1\USBSTOR.IN_ then press enter

    And some help on what iso editor I should use I was thinking winiso or ultraiso
  2. Leeky

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    What form of USB media are you using?

    As far as I am aware, you just need to make the USB device bootable, and then you can just copy the entire CD directory structure over to the device. It certainly works for Windows 7 install media.
  3. ruready2

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    I agree with Leeky. I do not believe SDk files are necessary. Check out the link below. I think it will help you a great deal.
  4. idkwhatimdoing

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    those are the instructions was using I did not understand or could not get them to work in command prompt the ones in zip file are a different way of doing it or something I ended up useing WinRAR to uncompress the USB.IN_ USBPORT.IN_ USBSTOR.IN_ files now I can’t get them back to .in_ I don’t know if the command changed in window7 I just think I don’t know how to use cmd right can some one post the commands on hire so I can copy/past it in to the cmd I can run the command in vista if you think that could be the problem I got them right on c:drive the file names are usb usbport usbstor
    I think I’m supposed to use this command compact

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