Installing xp with vista...failure!!!

By Scarface1827
Feb 1, 2008
  1. I recently tried to install xp on my vista machine in order to play certain video games that wont run on vista...i simply booted from the drive,and installed it to a file i called "windows2".I restarted,"error loading os",i then tried my vista cd repair envirement,i have no backup,or restore points,of only option it seems is cmd prompt...please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. tonylukac

    tonylukac TS Evangelist Posts: 1,372   +69

    New boot.ini?

    Perhaps the new version of the boot.ini file has the wrong entries. It is no longer called boot.ini. Since you can get to the command prompt, access it by typing BCDEDIT.EXE /? and this will list the help explaining how to list and edit boot entries. Perhaps you need to add an entry for you old windows vista, but don't hold me to it. I have never used this command, and it is only a thought. Have fun.
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