Instantly hot GPU R9 290

By Seanyp2
Jan 4, 2017
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  1. I have a gigabyte 290 I had apart, was working fine before hand, I put it back together and the fan is on right away at like 75% (hella loud) I got some arctic mx-4 I think its called,and put that on. Now its quite until I play a game then it gets hot and the fan turns on appropriately (speeds up as the gpu gets hot) the problem is it gets like 95 degrees in 1 min of high load which has the fan at high rpm obvsly. So my question is... what could I have done between opening it and closing the card that would do this, besides thermal paste because I did that and the problem persists. Thanks in advance for any answers:)
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Too much thermal paste (use 'small pea' size), bad/broken/misaligned attachment of heatsink (can be tricky, especially the push-on types), thermal pads for VRAM may need replacement. Just for fun, also check all connections including fan. Also look around in the case and make sure the ventilation path is clear.
  3. Seanyp2

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    Ok thanks ill check all that out
  4. CSgone

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    R9 290s are super hot anyways, according to LTT

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