Intel Arc A380 Review: First-Gen GPU. What's Going On?


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I think the result is to be expected. I actually feel this is a more feature rich card than the ultra gimped RX 6500/6400. Performance wise in games, it falls short, but I can hardly call cards at this level to be gaming grade cards. Instead I am looking for a card with good features and goes well in a HTPC for example.


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A missed opportunity to say the least.

I was personally hoping that Intel ARC 380 launched during the supply crisis and that Intel Graphics Devision prioritised drivers and pushed back all the other cards. With the supply chain crisis that would’ve been the opportunity to grab lower tier market share.

That would’ve given Intel some credibility and support during the Nvidia and AMD shortages.

Let’s hope and pray they can recover the execution side of things as the consumer will benefit in the end if they are a reasonable competitor.

It is not easy coming into the ring with the existing competitors.


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I'm amazed that Intel - with their gobs of money - would release something with such weak sauce.

And since Rebar requires an Intel Core 10th/11th Gen CPU, I don't see ANYONE using such a low-end GPU in a system with a $200+ chip.

What's the point, Intel?


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Don't recommend used GPUs, That's a dumb decision.

Sorry, but it sucks to see a serious website doing this. You have no way of knowing how long the product has been used and under what conditions, you have no warranty whatsoever!

It is better to buy a product with 10-20% less performance, but new and with a 3 year warranty than to try your luck in the used parts market.



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I saw GN's video about the drivers and features, and I'm worried now.
yeah the drivers on their own were OK but once you loaded in the ARC software it suddenly became sh!t and as Steve said they could have released the card without that crapolla until they had it working right


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Could I make a suggestion ? With the graphs, Could the item you are reviewing have bold text or something please ? so it's easier to see when glancing over the data... Just an idea :)

Todd Sauve

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Tom at "Moore's Law is Dead" is leaning towards an unworkable hardware flaw in the silicon, and that no amount of driver rewrites can fix it. Heads may roll at Intel over this fiasco.

And Steve at "Gamers Nexus" could not even get the drivers to either install or uninstall! Not much hope on that front I'm afraid!

After all, they've lost $500,000,000 just this quarter alone. How much has this Arc sinking with all hands (and beasties) already cost them? 🤷‍♂️🙄👽
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And Steve at "Gamers Nexus" could not even get the drivers to either install or uninstall! Not much hope on that front I'm afraid!
Actually that's not what happened the drivers installed fine it was the accompanying crapware (Intels ARC App) that was the problem


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When used in laptops it low W gpu. maybe 35-100 w needed in full speed in some dx11-12_2 games. if it gets a good score we could use it in servers too. amd nvidia uses more then 120 w - 900 w soon. rx 290 85 can run good even today.


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These numbers are making me laugh. All the people who had high hopes for Intel Graphics wouldn't believe me when I told them it was going to suck. This GPU is considerably weaker than one of my old R9 Furies (released over seven years ago).

There is literally no reason for this card's existence as it doesn't really offer any advantages over a Radeon IGP. Ironically, Raj was fired from ATi because of the failure of Vega and Vega was WAY better five years ago than this is today. This guy seems to be better at selling himself to members of the corporate brass than he is at designing GPUs.


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Where is the score on this? The AMD RX 6400 scored a 30 here so I would imagine it would be much lower

Tom Sunday

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I'm not a gamer, haven't been since the days of the doom series. This might be a good alternative to Nvidia.

Yes it would be a good alternative to Nvidia and importantly starting to finally gain much thought off U.S independence and alternatives from the Asian based GPU manufacturers now dominating the 'worlds market' up to 90%. Besides Intel having the cash to fully venture into a ‘discrete’ based GPU market including its continued support services. Surely my productivity software will welcome the first wave of Intel's ‘discrete’ GPU offering, its pricing and performance. Strength: Intel already has the overall GPU crown with a commanding 68% market share compared to Nvidia’s 16% and AMD’s 15%. This simply due to most of Intel’s CPU's already containing an integrated GPU. I would also suspect that given the next few years that Intel with its financial capabilities will be at the heels of NVIDIA and be a major player in the high performance discrete GPU market. I further believe that the ARC series will be a significant step-up from Intel’s current integrated GPU's and a step in the right direction for the consumer. Interesting times ahead!