Intel Core i7-11370H Review: Quad-Cores Aren't Enough in 2021


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Tell me about the GPU in said machine.

You very obviously miss the point that if you can fit a 6 core in an $800 machine you can and should definitely get one in a $1500 machine as a minimum. With any GPU in between at your preferred performance level. This is a questionable combination for value in various games as borne out by this review.

Perhaps you should have viewed the game performance graphs. Where as soon as you use the machine in a title that leans somewhat more heavily on the CPU you have paid $1500 for the 3070 and are getting performance barely better than that of a machine with a 2060 in it. There are already 6 titles tested there that are over 20 percent slower on the 4 core system with the 3070 than the 8 core system.

A trend sure to increase and widen as developers look towards the 8 cores inside consoles. The 80w 3060 machines tested with more CPU cores here either equal or beat the 3070 with the 4 core in every scenario, no doubt with far better frame times to boot. Clearly better balanced config offering more consistent performance across a variety of titles.
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