Intel DG45ID motherboard dead (solved)

By parsifal
Dec 14, 2010
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  1. Short version :-
    I used a non compatible cpu which has the effect of leaving the board switched on.

    Long version :-
    I bought the DG45ID off ebay and got a 775 CPU to go in it.
    I switched on......the fan worked and HDD was active but no screen.The
    USBs were active.When I switched off at the mains.When I switched on
    it powered up without the start button.
    I realised I had a non compatible cpu.I bought an E2140.
    The first time I switched on at the mains it came on (without the start button)
    but subsequently I had to press start to power the board (ie as normal).

    CMOS jumper.
    When I bought it the jumper connected pin 3 with the LED pin.
    I assume that is like a removed BIOS flash mode.
    Hence, when I connected a DVD drive it crashed.I assume it was looking
    for a .bio file.
    Nothing I could do would recover the board.The green standby light came on
    but nothing else.It was dead.No USB power,no fans ,nothing.

    I remembered the wrong CPU that had left the board "switched on".
    I put it in and it behaved as before....power but no monitor.
    I then replaced the E2140 and hey presto I was in.......but only
    on cmos recovery......there was no bios.But the USBs were active.So
    I removed the jumper,flashed the BIOS from a USB stick and it's up and

    NB. the intel manual is wrong regarding the CMOS pins.
    It shows pin 1 closest to the battery.That is actually pin 3.
    If you look...(I can't post the pdf link)

    page 52 the pin 1 is clearly show closest to the battery.
    I thought it was strange that all the images on Google show the jumper
    on pins 2,3 furthest from the battery (the manual says that is the recovery position)

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