Intel dx58so wont boot

hello just wondering does the 8 pin CPU plug have to be used to get this board to boot up?
I am having a problem getting it to boot as I was just testing it but I didn't have at the moment the 8 pin CPU plug and its getting a green light but wont boot up at all.
so do I need to have this 8 pin plugged in to get the board to boot up?
thanks guys.


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The 24 pin standard motherboard connector can supply up to 140W or so, on the +12V lines (which is the main ones used to power the CPU) but the motherboard itself might not draw all of that from the socket.

It also depends on what CPU is being used - a Core i7-920, for example, is rated to 130W at peak, but again, the motherboard may decide otherwise.

All that said, a decent motherboard isn't going to push the CPU to its maximum operating power draw during a cold boot, so it should be well within the capability of the 24 pin connector. Of course, if it's not booting, then using the 8 pin one too is worth testing out.