Intel HD Graphics on acer aspire not working

By Kelborn3110
Dec 17, 2015
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  1. Good day fellow humans,

    My sis got a new laptop and her old one is just lying here. I switched the hard disc from my broken laptop to my sisters laptop cause mine's SSD compared to her HDD. Manually installed all the drivers and everything works. Except, the intel HD graphics. (It was working fine with the HDD but when I switch the hard drives, the resolution decreases and no games will run, I tested and retested it, so no problems with hardware)
    There is no dedicated graphics card but even before this when using the HDD drive, the resolution was higher. Now it detects the Intel HD Graphics in the device manager, but I cant increase the resolution.
    I tried downloading Intel's Control Center to try change the resolution from there but the error comes out unsupported platform. I am very sure that I got all the drivers installed from the HDD to the SDD.

    I am not sure what other information is needed other than both the HDD and SDD are running windows 7, I have not reformatted the SDD as there is vital information in it which I require and do not own a working external hard drive where I can store it. I have installed intel's driver update utility and it can't find any new updates for drivers.

    I am sorry admins, I have asked this in a different thread where I had problems with my now broken laptop but its not salvageable.

    I decided to ask this in a new thread as it is different from my previous issues.
  2. Tmagic650

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    You may have to try another version of the Intel chipset driver
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