Intel launches first six-core desktop processor, the $999 Core i7 980X Extreme Edition

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Mar 11, 2010
  1. techsp10

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    It's just an additional to my comment before. AMD should take immediate action to this so that they would not left behind. As what I have research before that Intel is having a very cool future plans and I just gonna aim that I will be on the market sooner...
    Their plan really amaze our classmates their idea is quite ideal but we know that it has a great possibility to happen....
  2. Thompson

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    Will this actually mean a performance boost for the average gamer?
    I'm sure that no games support this technology yet so how long is it going to be and is it even worth it for me?

    At the moment i'm thinking that investing in this this early is probably a waste of money, we'll just have to wait and see I guess.
  3. bigclick

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    Sometimes you just have too much horsepower. I'm all for it mind you, but developers in general are not building applications for CPUs on steroids. It may be in my next system but I'm not running out to buy one.

    I'm glad some people will, that's the only way the price comes down.
  4. Then, in a couple or weeks Microsoft will release a new Visual Basic interpeter and a six cores cpu will be required to run "Pacman"
  5. rajmond

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  6. ToastOz

    ToastOz TS Rookie Posts: 59

    people who paid stupid money for 3 times graphics cards like 5870's to run in triple or even quad Sli/crossfire will require a higher cpu to compute between the 3/4 cards as the CPU bottle necks them making the 3rd and 4th gfx useless.

    Boom mind blown..
  7. whats with all the crying about the price ?! extreme edition has always been set at $999, even P4 3.2Ghz (msrp)
  8. mmmmmmmmmm, I'm going to wait for AMD Bulldozer!
  9. Aneesh

    Aneesh TS Rookie Posts: 20

    Hm though its little bit higher in Price i am aiming for this one.Intel is intel always who cares the price.
  10. pyari

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    i seriously wanna see those things.......and wait to affordable price.
  11. Forget the AMD Bulldozer -- the Thuban is coming out next week! Intel is playing catchup on the #-core game -- but if anything has been clearer about overall cpu performance (like the core 2 duo), they are the leader.
  12. I hate people like you, you so assuming and innacurate.

    What about video editing, or 3d rendering?
    Things that many 10000's of users do and these processors would have a direct and positive impact on that.

    All you did is make a sarcastic comment on the uses of it, a combinantion of you...

    Wanting one and the relaisation that you can't afford one, so to feel better about it you need to rubbish it to convince yourself its not worth having by russishing its uses among other. You fool no one but yourself.

  13. The new i7 980x is quite the buggy. I'll bet it goes like hell, but I see a flaw in the ointment!!!! Think about this??? How many people in the real world are actually going to be able to buy this thing??? Who do software developers develop software for??? THE COMMON, EVERY DAY JOE AND MARTHA!! See, so it is a pretty good bet that people like NASA, and number crunchers will really dig this hot rod. But the normal every day run-of-the-mill Joe?? Lots of them aren't even working these days. Get serious guys, what do you really think software developers are going to do??? Easy, they are going to go right on developing software for quads. Like someone already said, if you run 3 to 6 monitors, this hot rod is your baby doll. Otherwise you'd be smart to stick to reality and the quad core, cruiser.
  14. Clock Frequency is'nt all, has somone know why the AMD and Intel processors has'nt came out higer than 4 Ghz ?
    It is the stability of the Quartz (even other vibrating materials) they come instable at a point, by reaching the 6 Ghz its over they fall out to saparate molecules and the Quartz is'nt there anymore so you don't have any frequency left, but in a year of 5 we have the light CPU's using light responding materials to switch (like a transistor) and than we can make CPU's with the speed of Light. Faster we can't at this moment but we explor every day new materials that we do not know until now.
  15. dividebyzero

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    Nor is grammar so it would seem
    I haz wundurd y 2'
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