Intel settles antitrust suit with FTC, admits no wrongdoing


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Intel and the Federal Trade Commission have settled an antitrust suit today after the chip giant agreed on a number of provisions that could have big implications for rivals like AMD, Nvidia, and Via Technologies. Among other things, the settlement prohibits Intel from using threats, bundled prices, or other offers to exclude or hamper sales of rival CPUs and GPUs by computer manufacturers and retailers.

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It means AMD and nVidia have a little more of a chance in the low power market, if nothing else. Most of this stems from the completely unethical tactics Intel was using to strong-arm manufacturers into using their products, and penalizing those manufacturers if they even looked at any competition. That, and having to actually maintain some compatibility, rather than creating a proprietary system that causes nVidia processors in those Atom systems to run slower than they should, making the Atom's IGP look better.