Intel talks ultra-efficient Haswell architecture, Ultrabooks

By Shawn Knight · 4 replies
Sep 13, 2011
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  1. One of the first topics discussed at the annual Intel Developer Forum today was Haswell, the codename for Intel’s next-generation architecture that will replace the Sandy Bridge platform. Intel chief…

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  2. thunderising

    thunderising TS Rookie

    damn wow, I'm hell excited!
  3. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,144   +911

    Have to admit, that is pretty damn impressive.
  4. Rasta211

    Rasta211 TS Booster Posts: 215   +32

    Didn't sandy bridge just come out this year? they are already replacing it?
  5. They are *always* replacing product lines. I've heard engineers say that by the time a chipset is released to market, work is starting on the processors that are 4 generations away; these Haswell chips are at least 2 generations away (Current gen Sandy, then Ivy Bridge, then maybe second gen Ivy, then Haswell).
    Design and early theory will have started on what comes after Haswell well before this announcement.

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