Intel vs AMD for affordable netbook. Which one is best?

By PCTechie316
Sep 26, 2011
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  1. Hi all,

    I looking to purcahse a christmas gift for a netbook. I kind of want to get the best bang for my buck for the hopefully around 300.00.

    Just wanted to know which cpu in these things is the best to go with. Amd or intel?

    I switched to Intel long time ago and kind of lead towards there cpus but just wanted to see what other people think will deliver the best proformance.

    Right now from my research all I see is the top chips below for netbooks.

    Intel - N570, N550, D525
    AMD - E-350, C-50
  2. 1977TA

    1977TA TS Rookie Posts: 89

    The E-350 owns Intel currently.
  3. PCTechie316

    PCTechie316 TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 51

    Right now is selling a ASUS Eee PC 1215B-PU17-RD Notebook PC - AMD Dual-Core E-350 1.60GHz, 2GB DDR3, 320GB HDD, AMD Radeon HD 6310, 12.1" Display, 6-Cell, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Red.

    Price normally $449.00 also around the same price on newegg.

    compusa marked off $150.00 so its 299.99.

    I think im gonna snag this deal right now. Since I think this is the best bang for the buck. Other n570 for $279.00 have just 1 gig of ram.

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