Intellde & SiRemFil drivers failed to load = BSOD

By kmmalito
Jul 2, 2008
  1. I have attached the error log (multiple errors), I ran chkdsk, & there is no mini dump file. I have noticed that my internet just "sticks" sometimes. It takes longer than usual to load a web page etc. When I click right click & choose "repair" on my wireless network that usually speeds things back up (or I unplug my network & cycle it). I don't know if that is related to these errors or if it just my imagination but I thought I would mention it. I had thought my computer was stable until I got a random "BSOD" this morning & decided to check the error log.....HOLY MOLEY! I am asking for your help & guidance. I tried google(ing) for the drivers but I don't think it is that easy as I only found bogus "Driver Check-Up" websites wanting to sell me their products (which I then googled & found them to be bogus). Thanks for your help. :)
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