Intel's Thunderbolt to see wider adoption starting April 2012


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Intel is reportedly pushing for wider adoption of its high speed Thunderbolt interconnect in 2012. According to DigiTimes, the company will "fully release" its I/O technology in April -- which…

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This is the one thing that annoys me about hardware companies... They can't agree to standardize and end up screwing over consumers.

So what's it going to be, USB3.0 or thunderbolt????


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They definitely have a problem with the new technology given that USB 3.0 is cheaper, backwards compatible with USB 2.0, and there are almost no devices that can come even close to filling the pipeline of a USB 3.0 connection (5 Gbits/sec). What device in the next 5 years can max out a connection of a USB 3.0?

SSD HD's -- max is 300-400 MB/sec burst.
1080p video -- 1080p at 16 bit, 2.97 Gbits/sec
Computer to computer -- given the HD speed max of 300-400 MB/sec...
Camera/phone -- SD cards are 20-30 MB/sec max

Yes, you CAN get storage hardware that can hit 1+ GB/sec, but those are enterprise solutions that will run on 10 GB Ethernet and not a consumer hardware device.

So at this point it looks like the Thunderbolt is a technology solution in search of a problem and is in the middle of a classic chicken vs. egg dilemma, no device manufacturer is going to do a thunderbolt interface if there are no computers that have the interface, and the computer will not have the interface because the customers don't need it because there are no devices that use it -- oops.

P.S. At this point it is not the communication between the devices that is the bottle neck, but rather the internal components within the devices that is the issue. You can have a beautiful 20 mile, 8 lane autobahn, but if you have to drive 2000 miles over dirt road to get to the autobahn, well, do you REALLY need another 20 mile 12 lane autobahn when you still have the 2000 miles of dirt road to content with?


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