Intergrated Camera not working - Imaging Devices not showing in Device Manager

Lenovo Thinkpad T510i

The intergrated webcam used to work. I´ve tried updating the driver from the Lenovo site and also physically removed the screen bezel to confirm the plug/jack hadn´t come loose, it hadn´t. I also checked in the BIOS/security/I/O but couldn´t find an option for enabling/disabling the intergrated camera.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, I´ve spent all day trying to solve this!!!



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If it isn't showing up in Device Manager maybe the camera module is dead or there is a problem with the other end of the cable which is plugged into the motherboard. That could be tricky to reach though.


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Having trawled the problem it looks as if the camera is an issue with lots of Lenovo laptops. I suggest that you try some of the things that others have had success with in the following link :

It is interesting that in one case the camera works with the default Windows driver but not the official Ricoh one.

If you get nowhere you could buy a replacement camera and cable on eBay. Make sure you get the right one for your model and that it is listed as fully tested and working. It shouldn't cost very much and you will find disassembly guides if you want to do it yourself.
Thanks, looks like my live-cam career has been cut short! Joking aside hardware seems the likely cause. The old girl is over 5 years with daily use and it´s the first problem I´ve had.