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By irockstar661
Jan 16, 2009
  1. My fiance has a laptop that is giving me such a hard time. I recently purchased a motorla cable modem to run with my internet. Works wonders with my gaming needs along with a Linkys wired/wireless router. She uses a Belkin USB Wireless thing for her laptop and it states that it has connected and signal strenght is excelent. But every time I open IE it does not find the site. I have now even plugged it directly to the router and it shows a connection to the router but no internet....

    ANY IDEAS???
  2. Breadfan211

    Breadfan211 TS Rookie

    Try using the connection manager with IE letting it know that her connection has changed to a LAN.
  3. irockstar661

    irockstar661 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Have thought of that. Also tried ipconfig /all and release and renew. No avail.
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