Internet connection issues after surge

  1. Hi all, hoping someone can help me!

    Had the pc on during a thunder storm and a close bolt of lightning shorted the house. I have had the motherboard replaced and Pc is fine except for new Internet connection problems

    When I connect the cable modem direct to the pc, connection is fine and stays solid. When I connect via my netgear router, the Internet connection stops after 10 - 15 mins

    Once connection is lost I can not get it back without reseting modem and router. Cable tech told me it's a router problem, router techs tell me it's a cable problem!

    Bought a new dlink router today and same problem,

    Any ideas? Much appreciated :)
  2. westom

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    Start with basic facts. First, it made no difference what is on or off. List everything connected to everything else. IOW anything that was connected to the router.

    Second, lights exist at each end of each ethernet cable. Report what each light says when the cable is connected and not connected. Routers generally put those lights on the front panel. Computer ethernet ports generally have those lights on the ethernet connector. Modem also has important lights either near connections or on a front panel. Your replies will only be as useful as facts that you provide. Every light and other fact is critical if you want help from the better informed.

    Third, if a surge damaged the routers, well, you must also follow the current. That current had to enter the router on one wire while also leaving the router on another. A surge seeks earth ground. If cable was properly installed, then you will find it properly connected to earth where it enters the building. That means cable has superior surge protection. And that means a surge path is probably outgoing from the router, through modem, to earth via that cable. That implies AC mains may be a surge incoming path. IOW surge did not have to pass through the computer to be incoming to that router.

    IOW that paragraph demonstrates why everything is listed - what was connected to what. To also discover other potentially damaged items that might even fail a month from now. A concept called overstress. To better understand what is actually damaged means following a current path to earth. To find current and future damage.

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