Internet Connection Problems: for reasons unknown

By joshcanfly
Mar 5, 2008
  1. A few weeks ago we started experiencing bizarre connections issues: it was possible to connect to some websites (eg. google, btconnect login) and send and receive information to and from these pages. However, there are some sites that we are not able to access (eg hotmail): "page cannot be displayed message comes” up on the home page. The pages we can view are different on the two computers. After contacting Orange (our isp) and establishing that there was no connection problems in our area, we ran ping tests to sites that we could access the websites. All websites (even the ones that we could not view) showed no lost bits, all sent and received etc.

    We have two computers connected via ethernet cable to the router (one an old desktop running ME and a new laptop running vista, that is able to connect to other networks away from home). Both have virus protection and spyware removal running up to date. I have emptied temp internet files, cookies etc and do not believe there is any problem with the computers themselves.

    I have tried factory resetting the router (DYNAMODE ADSL C4WEG), installing the latest firmware updates and have contacted Dynamode and they seem to think that the router could be faulty. Consequently I bought a new router (D-Link DSL-2640B ADSL2+ Wireless-G Router) that I set up, installed firmware updates, cleared internet caches on computers etc etc.

    The problem still persists with the new router with exact same symptoms: we are able to view the same sites on both machines as before.

    Please advise
  2. raybay

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    One possibility worth a try is to change the ethernet cables with new ones. Another is a bad ethernet socket. Try using a new $10 PCI ethernet card as a trial. It is often as simple as one of the above, or something else equally easy to overlook.
    Remove all firewalls and security, antivirus and antispyware programs, defrag, then test without, before reinstalling.
    Suspect spyware, malware, infestations, and rerun your scans in SAFEMODE.
    Use a borrowed computer known to work well, just to test against existing equipment.
    Look at your Device Manager, and Computer Diagnostics for other failed component. Sometimes an electrical failure elsewhere can foul up everything... even a bad driver. Any red X or yellow flags in the device manager are important.
    Disconnect the Windows ME machine and see if anything changes without it... ME is famous for such nefarious acts.
    Look for simple things. Today we fixed a ethernet problem that had been driving techs crazy for weeks by replacing a new $8.00 ethernet cable with another new cable. Voila!
    Please let us know how this problem is resolved.
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