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Internet disconnecting/reconnecting

By RineEater
Jan 30, 2010
  1. Last night I bought Mass Effect 2 on steam. This morning it was at 72%. Well I got annoyed at the slow download speed I was getting in steam, so I decided to set the bandwidth settings from 2Mbps to 10, because recently I upgraded from a 1.5 to 2 service to a 10Mbps service. Well it actually worked. I started getting download speeds anywhere from 600kbps to 1.1mbps. But as soon as these great download speeds started, my internet would disappear after anywhere from 1 min to 5 mins. I've never had this problem since I got this router, or my new internet (with their cable modem). And there is no connection even to the modem, so I'm pretty sure it's not the router. And when I normally use the internet, my activity light on my modem is blinking, but when I turn on my steam download it is solid. So I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the good download speed I'm getting. Does the ISP see that I'm using a lot of bandwidth and shut me down?

    Edit: ok, I started steam and as soon as I did, the activity light went solid again- I paused the download and it went back to blinking. So I went into AvP classic 2000- which just got updated recently for multiplayer, and I as soon as I started looking for a mp game to play, the activity light went solid again, and after playing for a couple mins I got disconnected (the scoreboard still showed people, but there wasn't anyone), but I didn't get actually cut off, I was still in game.

    Edit: If I use a speed test, while it's doing the actual download or upload test, the activity light stays solid, but as soon as it finishes it goes back to blinking. I don't understand it, and I don't understand why it would happen now. I haven't changed anything else.

    edit: yes another edit: well this time I disconnected my router- plugged the modem directly to my laptop. It did the same exact thing. So it's not the router.
  2. pepsi1

    pepsi1 TS Rookie

    Check with your internet provider.....some restrict usage during peak times no matter the bandwidth you are paying to use.
  3. morpheus1021

    morpheus1021 TS Rookie

    you might want to check your ethernet device and make sure you have the most current driver for it. Your ethernet device may require a updated version (if there is one) to operate correctly.
  4. dividebyzero

    dividebyzero trainee n00b Posts: 4,891   +1,262

    Have you tried all the obvious (but sometimes overlooked) stuff.
    Had the line into the house tested by the telephone company?
    Up to date LAN drivers ?
    Modem/Router has the latest available firmware revision?
    Eliminated the RJ45 cable as deteriorated by swapping out with another cable ?
    Your ISP is not throttling your download ?
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