Internet explorer 7 has stopped loading some web pages fully

By pnave01
May 22, 2008
  1. So here is my problem my Internet explorer 7 has stopped loading some web pages fully, in particular and so far.

    What i mean by this is that some of the ads recently started showing up as just red squares instead of the images they are supposed to be. Was hoping someone, has had the same problem and could help me get ride of it. Its more of an annoyance then anything else, but i wanna fix it and make sure its not a symptom of a bigger problem ie virus or malware.

    Refer to the image I took of the web page to see what i mean untitled.png.

    Here is what i have done to try to fix the problem:

    Did a virus scan with bell sympatico anti virus
    Did a spyware check with adaware, spybot S&D, and super anti spyware (all updated) Nothing showed up.
    Used ccleaner to delete all temp files, when i tried to do it with ie it froze when deleting the history cache.
    Reset internet explorer threw tools - internet options - advanced - reset also reset advanced settings
    Also ran DelDomains.inf which deletes all entries in the Restricted & Trusted Zone list then re added back into the trusted zone list

    Also of note in safe mode it runs fine. It also has this problem in firefox.

    These are all the security programs running on the affected computer:
    Adaware, spybot S&D, and super anti spyware (all updated)
    Bell Security Manager (for virus scanning)

    Internet browser is Internet explorer 7

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    Regarding ads showing up as red squares instead of images:

    1. Open IE> Tools> Internet Options> Advanced tab> Multimedia section> check 'show images'> Apply> OK.
    2. Open you sympatico antivirus program. Check in Preferences to make sure you don't have images or HTML content blocked:
    See Section #2> Select Anti-Virus and check Enable real-time virus protection>
    Check the Preferences section and make sure images and/or HTML content isn't being blocked.

    Regarding deleting the IE7 History: Make sure you are doing it correctly:
    Tools button in the Command Bar> "Delete Browsing History." It also permanently deletes all currently saved cookies, Web form data and passwords, and temporary Internet files. The resulting dialog lets you pick which items to delete, or you can delete all at once.

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