Internet giants are fighting to protect your private browsing history


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I don't know about that.

Personally, I live without Edge/Chromium and avoid Google like they are the plague. And I am a "front end" (UI) developer, too, mostly for Windows using WPF. I've been a UI developer for a long time since MFC days, and WPF puts all previous UI development platforms for Windows (at least those from Microsoft) to shame. IMO, WPF is an extraordinary tool kit that allows for the development of very intuitive UIs.

I like to think that I am doing quite well on a stringent, very-low Google diet! :laughing:
I think Edge which ships with Win10 is still using the old framework, however you can download Edge Chromium -

Afaik WPF is a Windows desktop framework right? You still have to use Chrome, Firefox, Edge/IE (depends how much you want to support IE) and ofc Safari in order to deliver a rich and bug free web experience. Chrome has had quite good support for new tools for web development and usually is miles ahead of competition.

Electron is where its at currently, even for desktop UI, lot of modern applications use it. However anything intensive such as editing software, large data sets aren't using web deployment but your traditional frameworks that you are probably more familiar with. But this is getting out of my realm as I was a frontend web developer (AJAX, JS, REST) and primarily using Gatsby and Vue/React for my web framework for development of websites and web applications.

The downside of Google is that it's "our way or go home" giving them quite unhealthy monopoly. Still, a requirement to know inside out for web development, same with Firefox.

JS is so powerful.


I stopped web development a year ago (after 5 years) as I lost the passion for it. Now taken the videography role working towards being a cinematographer but we'll see. So a lot could have changed, but the principals are the same.