Internet keeps dropping at random times


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Anyone think they can help me with this annoying issue? My internet at times will randomly drop
and reconnect after 30 seconds or so. Usually the error messages on my laptop or PC will say that a local cable has been unplugged, limit connectivity or a problem with the access point.

I'm running Windows XP on PC and Windows 7 on the laptop. I have a Dlink WBR-1310 router and it's secured with a WPA encryption. I honestly think it's a problem with my router, because I never had this issue before I first bought it.


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How many walls,floors are between the computer(s) & router?
I get same message on mine when I use my USB wi-fi so I go back to my DSL.


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Maybe interference from another router broadcasting on the same channel? The wireless utility should be able to tell you what channel other access points in the vicinity are in. If ch6, then change to 1 or 11. If 1, then 6 or 11.